A good intention clothes itself with power.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Living the Intention was formed to help people seeking real, sustainable change fully embrace their intentions and put them into action. There truly is power in naming an intention and then using that energy to drive our words, our actions, our follow-through toward a goal or purpose. Toward something that is important to us. Something that may even be important for us to be offering to others.

An intention is a knowing that hasn't happened yet

An intention is a knowing that hasn't happened yet


I have found that there is a subtle, but critical, distinction between Living THE Intention and Living WITH Intention. With the twist of that one word, the emphasis is on Living rather than Intention. How do you move your attention and energy so that the way you are living your life every day is directed toward the intention or intentions that will support your most important work in the world?

Living your intention, your purpose, your vision is equally important for influencing and driving energy and action toward goals in your work life and your personal life. How can you and your team get clear about the goals and intentions that will drive you or your organization forward? And how can you put an action plan to place to live that intention day in and day out? 

I believe we have some tools and powerful coaching that can help.

Jennifer Haase Morris, Lead Coach/President

I am a coach, facilitator, and writer with decades of experience helping others unravel problems and find meaning and purpose in their lives and their work.  Through my work with organizations and individuals in a variety of settings, I bring my passion for helping people and teams connect the dots, recognize the barriers holding them back from their goals, and find a path in the creative tension between their current reality and their vision. 

I have created coaching programs for emerging leaders, new managers, leaders who have lost their focus and direction, and those needing a clear sense of where and how they can live their most authentic and meaningful life. When I enter a coaching relationship with someone, I commit deeply to their goals or vision for their life, holding that intention for them and then honoring my responsibility to never let them lose sight of what they are working hard to create for themselves.

For years, I have kept a jar on my desk - - a vessel for holding the intentions of people in my life who are experiencing some sort of challenge or difficulty in their lives. When clients, friends, or colleagues would share what they were going through, I started the practice of asking them what intention they would like for me to hold for them. Not what they think they need. What intention would get them closer to what’s most important.

What intention can I hold for you?

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Why a Social Purpose Corporation?

Formed as a Social Purpose Corporation in Washington, Living the Intention serves clients who are interested in investing in their people and project managers and high-potential leaders. We are organized to conduct business in a manner intended to promote positive short-term and long-term effects of, or minimize adverse short-term or long-term effects of, the company's activities on:

  • our employees and customers;
  • the local, state and world community; and
  • the environment.

My purpose is to help individuals and organizations leverage their collective capabilities and unlock the barriers keeping them from their best work. I actively strive each day to live my personal vision for learning deeply, giving generously, and building healthy, resilient communities. In addition to this corporate commitment, I also dedicate significant personal time and energy to helping my local community and the world's most vulnerable communities find a way out of poverty and inequity.

Thank you for trusting Living the Intention with your intention to provide leadership for your organization, your community, and your most important work.

Jennifer Haase Morris