I can help you and your team...

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Get crystal clear about your vision

I offer a variety of coaching programs for executive leaders, managers, sales professionals, and those who are seeking meaningful and sustainable change in their lives: Executive, Leader & Manager Coaching, Social Impact Coaching, and Sales Enablement.

Never underestimate the power of intention. Your thoughts, your words...they are the keys to your future.

Find out more about the types of coaching we have found to be most successful in producing the desired results for our clients.


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Create action plans that leverage your strengths

Following Your GPS™ is a leadership growth development program with individual and group coaching. This dynamic program helps you understand and fine-tune your personal vision and short-term goals and then identify those elements of your personality and skill sets that can propel you toward those goals. 

The underlying methodology of Following Your GPS™ is used throughout my practice. It is also the foundation of a program offered to individuals around the world in small groups. 


Amplify your impact

Organizations with a strong coaching culture are better positioned to achieve their desired results. 65% of employees in a strong coaching culture are "highly engaged" according to research by the Association for Talent Development.

If coaching is a key strategy for your organization, I will partner with you to provide creative, scalable, and fun coaching training and team-based training that maps to your business outcomes.


...live less out of habit and more out of intention.