Following Your GPS Program

Do you struggle to get clarity about your short-term goals or a longer-term vision for your life? Do you ever find that you set a goal for yourself with great motivation and commitment and yet find yourself drifting away from that intention two months, maybe six months later?

Getting clear about the direction of your life or your leadership is just one step in creating and achieving what’s most important to you. We have found in working with individuals that our mindset – the way we perceive ourselves or others perceive us – can unconsciously hold us back from getting the results we want.

Following Your GPS™ is a 4-part leadership growth and development program with group support and individual follow-on coaching. This dynamic program helps you understand and fine-tune your personal vision and short-term goals and then identify those elements of your personality and skill sets that can propel you toward those goals.

The Following Your GPS™ Program can be delivered effectively in a virtual format, using interactive web-conferencing technology, over four separate sessions with participant assignments between sessions. You can also bring the program live to your company or team with customized details to match your organization's leadership strategies and priorities in a multi-day format with large group and breakout sessions to maximize the participants’ experience.

Public workshops delivered in interactive webinar format are also available. Participants from across the globe participate in the Program in a virtual classroom with a private follow-up coaching session by phone. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us to learn about the next scheduled program.

Jennifer’s “Following Your GPS” program has brought to light areas that I had not previously identified or formally acknowledged in my professional world. Her approach is gentle, respectful and spot-on.
— Cheryl, MaineHealth Cancer Care Network