Working With Teams

Intention is one with cause and effect. Intention determines outcome. And if you’re stuck and not moving forward, you have to check the thought and the action that created the circumstance.   – Oprah Winfrey


Are you working to build a coaching culture in your organization? Would you like to add an impactful, scalable program to your employee engagement strategy? We can do a quick assessment with you to determine how one of our programs can add value to your organization.


Coach Training

According to the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), high-performance organizations are 7 times more likely to use coaching to help individuals reach their full potential and productivity. If you are interested in building or enhancing a coaching culture in your organization, we can partner with you on implementing best practices in high-impact coaching.

We have a proven process for identifying and training an internal coach cadre – a group of specially trained individuals who can be assigned to work with leadership clients within your organization or their own management teams. We focus on coaching competencies recognized by several of the top coaching certification organizations and provide a model for organizing and tracking coaching conversations to ensure that your coaches are helping their clients get traction on their most important issues.

If more and more of your managers are working with distributed teams and are looking for innovative ways to use technology when coaching remote staff, let’s start a conversation about how you can most effectively implement some of the coaching techniques we recommend.

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Team Facilitation and Assessments

Sometimes teams need a quick boost in morale or some dedicated time to plan for a major organizational shift. Investing some time in building your team’s capacity to work together more cohesively, to diving deeply into key issues holding the group back, or simply finding renewed energy for a big project ahead can be key to getting the results you need.

We work with teams in a variety of settings to help them get the most out of their strategic planning workshops, off-site retreats, and other group activities in which the leader needs to be free from facilitating the group dynamics and can dig in with their team.

We find that team sessions are most powerful when there is a coaching component as part of the experience. We can include specific topics, content, or assessments, and recommend that coaching is included for the team leader in advance and for all team members as a follow-up.

Here are some examples of specific content that can be blended into your team experience to deepen the learning:

  • StrengthsFinder
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Managing Transitions
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence